Exploding with 3 ways to make drinks from delicious and attractive tea bags

Conversations with friends are indispensable for a cup of tea to sip. You will feel the warm sound of the tea, a little bitter, sweet, lingering on the tip of your tongue.
August 6, 2023 by
Thuy Diem
How to make Zaam green tea: The secret to enjoying a perfect cup of tea.

Tea bags are considered a fairly popular drink not only in Vietnam, but also all over the world.
1. Cheese cream tea (Macchiato)
Cheese cream tea has the main ingredients are tea bags, fat cream, fresh milk cream. The tea cup is divided into 2 distinct colors, the lower part is dark brown from the tea bag filter, the upper part is covered with a layer of white cream that looks so attractive. Lightly click you will feel the fat first, going down will be the slight bitterness of tea, the sweetness of excellent sugar.

1.1 Ingredients:
+ 1 tea bag Lipton filter bag
+ 30ml fat cream
+ 10ml fresh milk cream
+ 15g white sugar
+ 10 ice cubes

1.2 How to do it?
Soak the tea bag in 200ml boiling water for about 3-5 minutes, then remove the tea bag, add 15g of white sugar, stir to dissolve the sugar. Put 30ml of Rich fat cream and 10ml of Base topping cream in a large bowl, sprinkle with a little salt, use an electric mixer to beat until the mixture is smooth. Fill a glass of tea with ice cubes nearly full. Then pour the just-mixed toppings on top and finish the super cool macchiato juice that can be cooked right away. 

2. Peach tea bag filter
With a piece of sweet and crunchy peach, fragrant tea with lemongrass and orange flavor, you can make it yourself as you like. If you like lemongrass a lot, you can cook lemongrass with sugar water, if you want to add more peach flavor, you can add peach juice. It is very easy to have an impressively fragrant peach tea.

2.1 Ingredients:
+ 2 pieces of box peaches
+ 2 lemongrass plants
+ 1 orange
+ 1 tea bag filter
+ 200g peach juice
+ 30g white sugar
+ 2 basil leaves
+ Ice cubes

2.2 How to do it?

Smash the lemongrass tree, cut it into medium pieces. Cook a little water with the sugar until it boils and the sugar dissolves. Put the tea bags in a glass with the lemongrass cut into pieces. Prepare boiled sugar water, dip and steep the tea. Another way to increase the flavor of lemongrass tea if you like it is to add lemongrass, cut into pieces and cook with sugar water until it boils, then add it. After brewing the tea and cooling down, remove the tea bags, add ice cubes. Pour in peach juice. Cut oranges into round slices, cut orange pieces in half, add to garnish. Add a few pieces of pickled peaches and the rest of lemongrass to garnish with some mint or basil leaves on top for a cool taste.

3. Cloth tea bag filter
The fragrant lychee tea is a fruit tea that is as popular as peach tea. The cup of litchi tea is attractively presented, with the aroma of litchi lightly scented with Lipton tea, along with the cool and sweet taste that will surely cool your spirit on hot sunny afternoons.

3.1 Ingredients:
+ 1 tea bag Lipton filter bag
+ 3 soaked lychees
+ 20g white sugar
+ 50g ice cubes

3.2 How to do it?
Put 1 Lipton tea filter bag into a glass, pour in about 120ml of hot boiling water. Wait 5 minutes when the water turns brown, then take out the tea bag. Add 20g sugar (the amount of sugar you can adjust depending on your preference), stir until the sugar dissolves. Take 1 soaked lychee in a shaker shaker until the fabric is slightly crushed. Add the tea, 3 tablespoons of the lychee water and ice cubes to the pot, close the lid and shake well. Shake until the tea foams, pour into a glass, decorate with 2 lychees and a few fresh mint leaves, and your family will have a refreshing cup of lychee tea for hot sunny days.

Each drink will bring you fat, sweet, and bitter, all harmoniously blended. Take advantage of your free time to make yourself a cup of tea to enjoy, sip with a book. It will definitely help you feel more comfortable, mentally refreshed.

Thuy Diem August 6, 2023
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