Why Choose The Zaam Tea?

The Zaam Tea is a major product distributor in Asia. We specialise in single origin teas, fully traceable, exquisite teas and teaware. Built on our strong heritage of tea making and the expertise in managing tea farms in Vietnam, the founder was professionally trained and worked as the tea planter.

From exceptional classics to extraordinary single-origin teas, we offer a wide range of exquisite teas for every palate and every occasion. With this rich source of in-depth knowledge and hands on experience, we know a thing or two about how to source only the best teas from artisan and local tea farmers, giving us a unique perspective and understanding of the world of tea, from leaf to cup. We pack all our teas, with a small team of passionate tasters, blenders, and general tea lovers.

With the common standards in exporting tea industry. We always put quality first. With the criterion "Bringing Vietnamese tea to the world", we are committed to prestige and quality to all customers.

Sourcing Teas Ethically

With the desire to create the most reputable tea supplier. We are always careful in the production and select the tea leaves that meet the standards of quality and taste. We have a goods inspection department who are skilled artisans from Vietnam. Those who can reasonably price their highly sought after teas.

We strive to source the most environmentally responsible packaging, choosing compostable and recyclable materials where available.

All our teas are carefully selected and expertly packed in our hub in London by our small team of tea enthusiasts. Each batch of tea is tested many times by our expert in-house tea tasters to make sure it meets our strict quality criteria., We constantly monitor our stocks to ensure our teas are at their best throughout their shelf-life.

Tea knowledge training program 

With years of experience in the tea industry and hospitality, we have in-depth knowledge of our products and trends in the sector. To offer an outstanding tea service require staff who are passionate as well as knowledgeable about the product. Our training sessions are educational and engaging and practical. We cover aspects of different tea categories, origins, flavour composition, brewing guidance, service and food pairing tips.

The training sessions are bespoke to each venue taking into consideration their specific needs and requirements. The aim is to provide the confidence the staff need to actively engage with the customers by offering them a holistic tea experience. Our trainers are tea sommeliers and tea tasters in their own right and fully experienced in providing an engaging and practical training session...

Create an Outstanding Tea Experience For Our Customers

Seen as a meaningful gift. Whether you are looking for a perfect tea range for your fine dining, cafes, delis, restaurants or hotels, we will offer you all the support you need. If you are looking to elevate your tea offering to a characterful, authentic selection of teas. Thereby bring a whole new experience for your customers, you have come to the right place. We will offer free consultation to understand you requirements and offer a bespoke menu that works for you and your clientele.

With more 30 most refined selection of fine teas from across the Asia in our catalogue, we are bound to have what you are looking for your perfect tea menu. For more information on wholesale tea prices, product catalogue or training and support, fill in the form by clicking on Contact Us below and we'll get back to your straight away. Alternatively, contact the team via email at  info@zaams.com.vn or call hotline on (+84) 08 6666 4225

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Elevate the tea experience of your customers to new heights with our teas and tea ware. We believe everyone deserves transparently traded, exceptional tea.

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