Zaam Tea of Asia - Sharing our heritage 

We are an enterprise specializing in exporting tea, located just inside Asia. We specialize in single origin estate, fully traceable, exquisite teas and Teaware. Our deeply rooted connections with soil, tea and people allow us to inspire tea lovers everywhere. We believe everyone deserves transparently traded, exceptional tea.

Tea Bags

Tea bags are the common name for teas packaged in bags made of paper or synthetic fibers. 


Black Tea

Black tea has complete oxidation (100%). The tea leaves give the tea a light brown to dark red color, so it is called black tea. 


Oolong Tea​

Oolong is a traditional tea produced through a unique process withering the plant under the strong sun.


Green Tea​

Green tea is made from the leaves that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing.


Garden Fresh
The best quality tea products in Asia

Here are the best products we bring to you

Brew loose leaf tea effortlessly

Our glassware has been handcrafted and purpose made to brew and enjoy tea effortlessly.

Teapot Set

For those who love to enjoy tea, they just need to taste, or even just smell it, to know which tea is delicious and which is superior. However, choosing a teapot is not easy at all. To produce delicious tea cups, to fully enjoy the flavor of tea, a genuine quality tea set must be selected with the utmost care.



To have a delicious teapot, it depends not only on the ingredients but also on the brewing equipment. After all, the teapot plays a very important role in determining the final taste of the tea. Depending on the type of tea, we have to choose the most suitable tea set with the shape, size, and material.


Tea cup

A lovely set of teapots and cups will definitely be indispensable in a leisurely, slow tea session with family and friends, enjoying fragrant teas with cakes and chatting about stories.


Tea accessories

Talking about enjoying tea without mentioning tea accessories is a mistake, also known as tea tools. Accessories that breathe the essence of traditional culture and beautify the indoor space, are a perfect choice for tea culture.


It’s the Tea Zaam’s way

Along with the popularity of tea culture around the world, the tea ceremony has gradually conquered tea connoisseurs and became a trendy "trend" that many participants responded to. It can be said that wherever tea appears, there is a shadow of a high and delicate tea civilization.

Teas Collections

Our collection of original teas. The perfect selection of alluring aromas inspired...

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Asian Tea

Asian Tea - Great product for every hotel in France...

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Sourcing Teas

We take an ethical approach to sourcing tea through responsible purchasing principles...

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