Learn about tea ceremony & Tea ceremony culture around the world

"Tea ceremony" means "enjoying good tea and discussing life's problems". Going beyond the boundaries of enjoying tea in the usual way, the tea ceremony is increasingly proving its solid position - becoming an art form imbued with a profound philosophical and humanistic spirit.
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Thuy Diem
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1. Learn about the tea ceremony and its popularity
Along with the popularity of tea culture around the world, the tea ceremony has gradually conquered tea connoisseurs and became a trendy "trend" that many participants responded to. Originating in distant Japan, this culture has quickly spread throughout the neighboring countries from Europe to Asia. In particular, the tea ceremony in each country has its own distinctive features, bearing a profound traditional cultural imprint. It can be said that wherever tea appears, there is a shadow of a noble and delicate tea ceremony civilization.

Countries with a long and unique tea culture
Besides Japan, some countries possessing a tea ceremony culture with a long history are China, Vietnam and Korea – with unmistakable unique points.

2. Learn about Vietnamese tea ceremony
According to historical records, our country's tea ceremony originates from Nguyen tea - a type of tea ceremony invented under the Le Dynasty, which was reserved only for the kings and aristocrats. The peak of this form fell in the beginning of the Nguyen Dynasty, later spread widely throughout all classes of people.

For the Vietnamese people, learning about the tea ceremony is not only a "string" to help strengthen the relationship between people, but also a representative of the culture of respectful behavior above and below, upholding etiquette and rules in daily life. One of the highlights and impressions of the Vietnamese tea ceremony is the unique art of making tea. Tea drinkers must be familiar with how to use tea tools, and at the same time control the boiling point and water source, ensuring that the inherent flavor of tea is fully retained. Besides, the use of delicious and premium teas is also a big plus, contributing to the attractiveness of the tea ceremony culture in our country in particular.

Tea instruments, how to enjoy the Vietnamese tea ceremony: Not as sophisticated and beautiful as neighboring friends, the Vietnamese tea set is generally quite simple. A full set of tea tools usually includes: teapot, tea cup, tray, cup and stove. These items are mainly made of clay, glass or metal. An ideal Vietnamese tea ceremony must be accompanied by warm candlelight, deposited incense and gentle fresh flowers. In general, the Vietnamese tea ceremony is not imposed by many standards of form and manner, as long as the participants can fully enjoy the unique taste of tea as well as immerse themselves in warm everyday stories.

Thuy Diem July 25, 2023
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